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It exists for simplifying the concepts of affiliate marketing and helping you start as easily and as fast as possible.

This page you are on is about the guy behind this site.

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My name is Neyz Neyyzzerr.

I was born on the 12th November 1982. In Maun, the tourism capital of Botswana.

Maun is often touted as the gateway to the Okavango Delta.

Neyz Neyyzzerr was born Monei Onalethata.

Neyz or Neyyzzerr both originate from the same “-nei” end of my first name.

So there you know some secret about me now.

Let’s talk about Affiliate Marketing Simplified.

This is a site wholly owned by me.

The motive was to have a site that made concepts as simple as possible for beginners to go into affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing learning curve can be quite long if you know it. The concepts in there can take quite long to wrap one’s mind around.

And I think it’s all because too often, the experts assume that everyone reading knows what is being talked about.

That then becomes a huge problem for beginners who are left in the dark. They then have to take too long to understand the language used, let alone the concepts.

For my site, I aim to bring beginners to an understanding of the fundamental aspects of affiliate marketing as soon as possible.

I believe that if people understand these fundamentals soon enough at the beginning of their journey, they can reach success faster.

They can then go on set up their blogs or any other marketing channel, get traffic, and monetize them effectively.

Affiliate marketing has not always been familiar to me. In fact I came across it quite accidentally.

I come from a science background, having a degree in the biological and environmental sciences.

When I graduated, I had thought that I would go into the microbiological sciences arena, as that is what I studied mostly in the biological part of my degree.

But it was not to be so.

After I graduated I landed a job as a biologist in the department of wildlife and national parks. It was not my first choice of jobs by any means.

Ecology and microbiology are worlds apart. So often, is the rift in the passion exhibited for them by polar opposites.

My professional background involves a lot of ecological research. However, my educational background and professional courses which I have taken cover a lot of DNA forensics.

And so for a while, DNA forensics had become my passion.

I used to like watching forensic detective documentaries as I grew up, and the love of everything forensic has stayed with me.

I have  done quite a reasonable amount of wildlife DNA forensic work in the lab at my workplace.

I had hoped to continue in this line of work till the time of my retirement.

But due to some behind the scenes reasons, I have never gotten to really settle into forensic work. Consequently, against my secret wishes, the larger portion of my work became devoted to ecology.

Ecological studies naturally mean spending most of the time in the wild, researching wild animals and vegetation. Sometimes close to 2 weeks at a time.

Which is where I get pitted against what earns me bread.

While I like the outdoors, I equally don’t like spending days on end, let alone weeks, in the bush. 

I knew it the day I applied for my job.

And it has stayed with me up to this moment.

I don’t like being in the bush for more than several days, especially at somebody else’s instigation.

 Everytime I know there is a trip coming, my heart sinks to my feet. Which is why I could not perform optimally at my job.

I applied for the job because I had to work. As you may know, the world revolves on money.

When I finally decided to go all in into affiliate marketing, I had had enough of work. Enough of doing what I didn’t like. 

Forensic or not, I had finally reached the decision that any line of formal work would not do it for me. Ever.

I knew this was it. The time had come. I had to go now.  Or eventually.

Whatever the case, it was clear to my mind that I had no more desire to work for the government. Or anybody for that matter.

I wanted to be my own boss. To call the shots. To have absolute control over my life. Over my whereabouts, and over my time.

To be where I wanted at the time that I wanted, doing what I wanted to do the way I wanted to do it.

My work had become an obligation more than a pleasure. A routine I was forced to live everyday. Whatever passion there was left, it had flown out the window.

I had always known that as I grew older I would want to work for myself. I’ve never had the intention to be retired forcefully by age.

I would go and be a commercial farmer while I still had the energy. There is that side of me that really likes the outdoors.

But to want to retire this early was a surprise, even to myself. In my former timeline, there was about 10 more years to go, but already I could do with leaving tomorrow.

Only that there was nowhere to go, nothing to fall back on.

My life at this point was entirely dependent on the government salary I received every month. Not to mention that my wife and kids too were equally dependent on it.

And there were loans that had 3-6 years to go.

And there was no way to rush it.

Some years back I came across an e-book that sparked some business fire in me. It talked of how to be wealthy.

What caught my attention was a section on how to create passive income. It was a simplistic model on real estate by Robert Kiyosaki, but it struck to me.

I dreamt of achieving the kind of freedom that comes with passive income.

As with most things, the passive income fire kindled by the real estate model did not become an end in itself. It morphed into a love to earn easily. That is the simple definition of passive income to the uninitiated.

 I was soon in love with the internet, a place where all forms of earning passively were being splashed. From forex trading to shares to…The love of an internet-based business was born in me, never to die.

One day I came across a book by Anik Singal, called The 5-Step System To Passive Income. For the first time I saw vividly how I could in reality earn passive income from a simple system of sending emails.

Email marketing, as I eventually came to know it, was the magical system for making money online. I also learnt an important term through this book: affiliate marketing.

From there everything went haywire.

I delved into anything that had the semblance of affiliate marketing. MLM, dropshipping, traffic exchanges, you name it.

And came to distaste all of it.

Or not exactly.

I tasted all and rejected some. Some for their inefficiency. Some for associated scams. And some for of lack of money and requisite knowledge on my part.

Through it all however, affiliate marketing was the model that, though not fully unfolded to me, seemed to resonate with my entire being.

Making money online just by selling someone else’s products without even touching the products, was the holy grail to me.

I resolved to focus my energies into studying the inner workings of affiliate marketing.

It is often said that to get money, you got to spend money. And there is no truer saying.

Until you come to the point where you realize that everything cannot be free, that you cannot start and sustain for long any business on freebies, you will travel from pole to pole seeking for the perfect free way to be successful.

The truth is that there is no entirely-free way to financial freedom. You got to face it somewhere and start spending. Call it investment. For the sake of your subconscious.  

When I finally came to the realization that I could not live off of freebies forever, I decided to buy hosting and start a website.

I had finally come to the point of no return. I decided to burn all bridges. And to do away with all excuses.

I had no money to spend on hosting. But I had to find it.

As in all things, where there is a will, there is always a way.

With money earned from some odd hours worked at my job, I started my online business.

Normally I would have turned over the money to my wife, so we could buy some necessary food for the family and our kids. Especially since it was mid month, where there was more month at the end of the money.

But in this case, no.

I decided to be mum with my intentions.

I quietly bought a domain name and hosting and started my business.

I have never been more excited than on the late afternoon of 30th March 2019 when Affiliate Marketing Simplified was born!

I had finally done what I had been wanting to do but had been lacking firm resolve to start!

To me affiliate marketing means hassle-free income.

There is work involved of course. Lots of it, to be precise.

But I will not swap it for anything.

Affiliate marketing is the freedom of a caged bird to me. It is the unfettering of a hitherto-undiscovered passion.

I help people get what they need to improve their lives.  For the much better. They help me earn a decent living.

And above that, time and location freedom.

I don’t know about you. But working at a job which I have to endure is not my kind of fun.

Work should be fun and enjoyable. Which is why I knew I would have to eventually part ways with my job.

No more to work for somebody else. No more to be sent on assignments when I didn’t want to go anywhere.

I like absolute control over my time and location, you see.

I had to be my own boss.

From the time I started my blog, I would have to be be financially free enough in a year’s time to quit my job.

And that’s what I’m working on at the moment.

I am working on my blog. With all my energy.

Every day.

I have not quit my job yet. But I will.

In a year’s time.

Keep watching the space.

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