How To Do Email Marketing Like A Shaolin Master

how to do email marketing

Both online businesses and statistics agree that email marketing occupies the No. 1 spot  for return on investment.  In fact most marketers consider their email lists to be their most prized online business possession.

How come that such a simple thing as email holds such prospects for business?

Most importantly how can you do email marketing effectively to capitalize your return on investment?

What Is Email Marketing

Before we go on, lets stop for a definition.

Email marketing is the practice of communicating with one’s contacts through means of an email service for the purpose of marketing to them

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Here are just a few of the reasons why your online business needs to do email marketing.

1. For Relationship Building

Email marketing is the most personal way  of interacting with your contacts.

It builds relationship through consistent contact and nurturing. Email marketing allows you to offer tips on tackling certain challenges within your niche. It allows you to avail yourself of your audience at any time.

You can even ask your audience to email you their personal challenges in your niche, and you can email them back solutions to alleviate these problems.

2. It is the only asset you can depend on

Your blog and social media profiles can be shut down overnight and cost you your traffic sources and revenue. But nobody can take away your email list. It is yours forever to keep.

Also, with constant changes in search engine algorithms, you have no definite control or prediction over how much traffic you are gonna get from or lose to the search engines.

That is however not the case with email. People on your list will stay with you as long as you treat them as important.

3. It is a source of traffic to your new and old posts on demand

Any time you publish a new post you can send it to your list, immediately bringing  a flood of traffic to your site.

You can also resurrect your old or unappreciated posts through the same trick. This traffic is the same one that will share these posts and bring you even more traffic!

4. It is the best form for ROI

Email marketing is the single best investment with the highest returns.

Reports indicate report as much as 3800% return on financial investment from email marketing. That means that for every dollar you invest in your list, you get $38 back! How crazy is that!?

5. Provides a source for new blog post ideas

People on your list are ever ready to tell you what they need help with, or what subjects they would appreciate you writing posts on.

This enables you to have a constant stream of ideas for posts that you can be sure are gonna be enjoyed by your readership.

6. For autopilot running of your business

 The true power of email marketing lies in automation.

how to do email marketing

This power is cradled in preset messages that go out to your list on predetermined dates without you ever lifting a finger.

This power is leveraged through email service providers.

Email service providers (ESPs) are different from the conventional email services like yahoo mail or gmail.

This is because email service providers give your contacts the power to consent to or otherwise refuse you access to their inboxes.

ESPs also allow you to send messages en masse to your whole list. This is unattainable through the use of regular email services.

Apart from affording you extra time to focus on other aspects of your business, this allows you to leverage automation to enhance your profits.

In between sending nurturing and relationship building messages, you also get to promote to your list by recommending helpful products to them.

Let’s see what you need in order to start email marketing.

Necessary elements of email marketing

Here are the things that you need to do email marketing

1. A free gift

As mentioned before, your list is your most prized possession.

In other words, if you already don’t have a list, you need one! So how do you build a list?

You don’t just wake up and ask people to join your list. You need to give away value and in return ask people for their email address in order to continue offering them value.

Value comes in the form of anything that your audience will appreciate. So you can give away a free ebook, video, cheatsheet, e-course etc in exchange for people’s email addresses.

2. Email opt in form

 This is a form that captures the personal details of someone who gives you their email address.

Those details include the person’s name and email address. Some companies may ask for contact details like phone numbers.

The opt-in form has to also show the main benefits of opting in. These can be voiced in a single line or in bullet form.

A picture indicating the benefits promised by your bullet points may also be a crucial point if rightly curated. However it may be wise to have no picture at all rather than have a wrong one that will repulse readers.  

An optin form can be created using an autoresponder service like GetResponse or Mailerlite .

This form will be placed on your site and thus save all opting visitors to your site.

3. Autoresponder tool

An autoresponder is an email tool provided by an email service provider company.

how to start email marketing for free

Its purpose is to deliver messages in a predetermined and predictable manner, to your list.

A good ESP is one that ensures that your emails get delivered to the inbox of recipients. The last thing you want is an email that never gets delivered or lands in the spam folder!

 You also want a service that is affordable and that meets your present business needs.

Several companies exist that provide email autoresponder services. Lets look at some below

a. GetResponse

how to start email marketing for free

Getresponse has a free 30-day trial. Thereafter their plans range between $15 and $1999 per month. The number of subscribers is the detemining factor of course.

Getresponse provides all the tools for a simple or sophisticated email marketing experience.

From unlimited newsletters, email segmentation tools, webinar creation, landing pages, abandoned cart automation, email templates, to ecommerce tools, Getresponse has got you all covered.

As a result they are used by over 300 000 businesses worldwide.

See how the Getresponse trial works here

b. Mailerlite

how to start email marketing for free

Mailerlite is one of the lowest cost autoresponders.

They have a free plan that caters for 10 000 email subscribers.

The free plan allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month.

The paid plans range between $10 and $50 per month, depending on the number of subscribers.

Paid plans will give you access to all premium features like pop-ups, embedded forms, email tracking, and landing page builder.

Most of the premium features, like pop-up forms are also present in the free plan.

Mailerlite are well acknowledged for their excellent customer support, user-friendly interface, and responsive email designs.

You can try Mailerlite here

c. Mailjet

how to start email marketing for free

Mailjet provides a free plan where you can send 200 emails per day and a maximum of 6000 per month. With this free plan, you can have unlimited contacts.

The paid plans range between $8.69 and $18.86 per month. Big enterprises sending more than 30 000 emails per month will need to go for the customized offer.

Mailjet provides email templates, list segmentation tools, real-time monitoring of emails, deliverability reports, statistical updates, as well as split testing.

Mailjet has a simple and intuitive user-friendly interface and no limit on list size. So it’s the perfect fit for both startups and big businesses alike.

Try Mailjet here

d. Mailchimp

how to start email marketing for free

Mailchimp is one of the well known email marketing service companies.

They offer a free plan for startups. The free plan caters for a maximum of 1000 subscribers and up to 10000 emails per month.

Higher Mailchimp plans come with an increase of subscribers from 2000. The paid plans range from $9.99 to $299.00 per month.

The increase in price will of course be attended by an increased allowance for email sends per month.

You can try Mailchimp here

e. Aweber

how to start email marketing for free

Aweber offers a free trial for 30 days. Alternatively, you can pick a paid plan, and you will get an extra month free.

The paid plans range from $19 to $149 per month. After 25 000 subscribers, a quote is needed for the paid plan.

Aweber has a broad range of tools to tailor your marketing journey.

They have a drag-and-drop editor, tagging of emails for tracking email opens and clicks, A/B split testing to test subject lines and more.

Moreover Aweber allows for the importation of email lists from other autoresponder tools.

Aweber has impressive staff support, and demonstration articles and videos.

You can try Aweber here

f. Constant Contact

how to start email marketing for free

Constant Contact’s plans start from $20. The price is based on the number of contacts and increases correspondingly. 

Whatever the plan you choose with Constant Contact you will get the first month free.

Constant Contact provides customizable templates, enables list segmentation, app integrations, automated email resend to non-openers, and multiple landing page creation.

Constant Contact is one of the most reputable email service companies, having been in business from the early 1990s.

Their email deliverability is reported above 90%, which is pretty impressive.

That’s just a brief overview of email service providers. Many more exist.

So once you have selected your email service of choice, you can create your email campaign.

Autoresponder series are what makes the core of your email marketing campaigns.

4. Autoresponder series

These are the messages that are preset to be sent to your list, at predetermined times and intervals.

You need to determine beforehand what messages you want to send to your list, on what subjects, and what action you would want your recipients to take each time after they have read your messages.

You must create an autoresponder series before launching your free gift.

This ensures that you don’t have people just stagnating on your list, but that they would also be receiving value from you immediately going forward.

Let’s have an overview of the important parts of an autoresponder mesage.

Important components of an autoresponder message

1. The title 

The title may well be the most important component of your message.

For most messages, it is the only thing the recipient will ever see. Remember that you are not the only one sending messages to your recipients. You are competing for atttention with a lot of other marketers out there!

Your recipients will prefer those messages that are attractive and attention-grabbing.  

Here is Sean Bagheri promoting his 7-figure online business to me!

how to do email marketing

You see how you cannot ignore that title?

Your message titles should therefore  be designed to evoke curiosity, have a promise, or  have an emotional element.

2. The message 

The message comes in different forms.

It may be a direct invitation to check out something valuable.This cuts out the fluff and cuts to the chase. Neil Patel does a good job of that.

For the best marketers, the message usually comes in the form of a story. This draws you in to read to the end. Tai Lopez likes stories!

what to write in my emails

Either way, the message has got to deliver the promise contained in the title.

3. The call to action 

The call to action is a clickable link that you want your  reader to click on.

This will in turn direct them to a certain page where they will read a post or see a recommended product.  

Your call to action is important in the sense that if its not clicked on, all is lost.

Your entire message would have been in vain.

So make sure that the call to action is clearly visible and communicates unmistakably.

Normally , you would have two call-to-actions in the same message. One would be halfway along the message, whereas the other wold be at or near the end of the message.

For best results, the call-to-action needs to be worded almost the same for both instances.

This prevents confusion on the part of the reader, who may not realize that the links mean the same thing.

Here is Miles Beckler doing his thing

what to write in my emails

So how do you actually create your autoresponder messages?

How To Create An Autoresponder Series

Creating an autoresponder series is one subject that sounds terrifying to beginners. Yet, there is nothing simpler.

Let’s  look at the basics of creating an autoresponder series.

1. Determine how many messages you want in your series

The length of each series will be determined by your purpose or theme.

For example, my free course on mastering affiliate marketing, is an autoresponder series  consisting of several parts that takes 7 days to cover.

Generally you want your subscribers to have taken a certain action by the end of the series.

That action may be to have started a blog, bought a certain relevant product like hosting, or subscribed to a marketing tool like an autoresponder.

The fulfillment of the goal (or lack thereof) by the subscribers may mean that you are now transferring them to another segment of your list.

The segmentation of your list will be based on client characteristics like buyer personas, age, locations, and other demographic characteristics.

So depending on your series goal, determine the number of necessary autoresponder messages

2. Create an outline of your series

An outline means a skeleton of the most important parts of each message in your series.

Those are the  title, purpose of message, and call to action.  

Determine and write down these for each of the messages in the series

Here is an example of an outline for one autoresponder message:

how to create an outline for your autoresponders

3. Flesh in the details for each message

For each of the messages, expand the subject matter in 3 or 4 paragraphs. Do note that your subject matter must match what your subject line says!

Then insert the call to action in 2 different places, in the middle and towards the end of the message

4. Determine the exact sequence

Go over the messages carefully.

Rearrange them according to the days of sending, so they follow a logical order.

Remember that you are leading your client to a particular action, and therefore your messages should carry them gently to that action.

5. Decide how far apart each email will be sent

Will your messages follow each other in intervals of 1, 2, or 3 days?

Here is an example of setting up autoresponder intervals

how far apart should my autoresponders be

The interval will depend partly on the kind of messages that you will be sending. Will they be tips and tricks, testimonials, tutorials, or promotions?

It will also depend on your writing capabilities or those of your team, as well as the absorption capabilities of your audience.

This is because you dont want to starve your list, nor do you want to overfeed them!

If your optin offer is a course consisting of some blog posts, you will need to have the component blog posts ready or write them as the course unfolds.

If you are gonna write them as the course unfolds, it may be wise to send 1 or 2 blog posts per week. That will give you time to prepare each blog post in adavnace.

Also, to keep your clients eager for new messages, you can decide to restrict them to 1 or 2 a week.

6. Load the messages

Your autoresponder software is the power tool behind email marketing.

Here is where you select the dates, intervals, and other conditions which will trigger your messages to each recipient.

For example, in the autoresponder software is where you determine that a first time optin client should have access to their freebie only after they have double confirmed their subscription.

how to create an autoresponder series

Load your messages and select each of the mentioned parameters. You are now good to go!

7. Test the series to make sure everything works properly

Be sure to be the first recipient of your own series!

You want to ensure that you are not sending the wrong stuff to people.

Check whether the title appears as it should, whether the message appears satisfactorily formatted, and whether the call to action is in the right place and its links working

You also want to ensure that messages from the autoresponder don’t land in the spam folder. That would be a bad signal suggesting that your message may have a spam score that is too high.

Work on the unsatisfactory aspects of your messages, then send again to your inbox. Once fully satisfied, launch your series.

Now that you know the crucial components of an email message, what do you actually write in your messages?

Types of autoresponder messages

As mentioned earlier, you need to communicate continuously with people on your list.

The following is a list of several types of messages through which you can communicate with people on your list.

1. Case studies

These are accounts of experiments or studies performed using the product or method you are promoting.

Like this example of an invitation to a webinar

what to write in my emails

Case studies detail the results obtained using the product.

They are powerful in the sense that they portray a desirable state of affairs after using the product. Who can resist positive, beautiful results?

2. Testimonials

Testimonials give a first hand account of usage of the product from individuals.

They are like case studies. Only that they relate to individual experience rather than companies.

Like this message from Alex and Lauren

how to create an autoresponder series

Similar to case studies, testimonials are powerful because they show the effects of using the product.

Testimonials are a hit because they tell stories of people in the real world, people like you and me.

You can weave testimonials into your autoresponders, show how other people are obtaining positive results using certain products, and then recommend those products to them.

3. Tutorials

Tutorials are a detailed explanation on how to achieve a certain task.

Tutorials can be in written or video form, or a combination of both. Tutorials are popular with beginners, who are just learning the ropes in any niche.

Similar to testimonials, you can promote products using tutorials. The trick is to make the product central to the achievement of the task.

Matthew Woodward is good at tutorials and makes use of this in his autoresponders.

how to create an autoresponder series

Here he is linking to a tutorial on how to use Buzzbundle, a highly effective traffic-getting tool.

Similarly, you can write blog posts as tutorials. Later on, you can link to these tutorials in autoresponders to your list.

4. Tips and tricks

These are short and brief ways of doing things.

You can offer your contacts some valued insights on some affiliate marketing methods.

Generally, your tip for the day should be enough to fit into your email message.

In that way you wont need to refer people to any blog posts. This can save you some time on writing up a lot of posts.

You may also want to share some encouragement to your list instead of a plain tip.

Here is Miles Beckler giving encouragement on how you can start over even after many failed beginnings.

how to create an autoresponder series

5. Freebies

Ocassionally you may want to share some free stuff to your list.

Those may be some videos you have made, some ebooks, or anything of value that is downloadable.

If you have a library for beginners, you can share from it. Like Arfa of

how to create an autoresponder series

This is where existing content upgrades become important, as they provide a reliable source of freebies to your list.

 6. Product recommendations

Along with tips, freebies, and testimonials, you will occasionally need to add in a recommendation of a certain product.

The trick is to seamlessly link your product to the theme of your message. Even more importantly, the product should deliver on its promise, and be truly helpful to your audience.

You don’t want a situation where people resign en masse from your list just because you recommended a totally unhelpful or fraudulent product.

Apart from products, your recommendations may be invitations to online webinars or special launches where your contacts can learn valuable skills in their niche.

how to create an autoresponder series

So what kind of products can you promote to your list?

Types of Products to Promote Through Email Marketing

Below follows suggestions on the kind of products you can promote through email marketing.

While basically the products you promote on your blog are also the same that you can promote through email, some products are better suited to email marketing.

Lets look at some examples below

1. Service products

These include services like  hosting, email service providers, keyword research products, and traffic tools.

best hosting for startups

You can make direct recommendations in your emails, or you can choose to send your contacts to blog posts discussing those products.

2. Affiliate products

These include all products that you are promoting on behalf of any company.

The broad category includes service products as well as products from different marketplaces.

Such marketplaces  may be Clickbank, JVZoo, Warriorplus, Amazon, ShareASale and many others.

how to sell products through email

You may also be an affiliate of certain companies that are running webinars or making launches. In that regard, you will want to let your list know of those.

3. Personal services

You may want to provide services such as coaching and SEO to start-up companies or individuals.

What better people to inform first than your own list?

These people are already acquainted with you and have developed a certain degree of trust. They will therefore be easier to attract and convert than cold traffic to your blog.

So once your products are ready, how do you build your list and bring leads to those products?

Ways and locations to capture email leads on your blog

As indicated before, email contacts are captured through an email capture form or optin form placed on your site.

Let’s see the various places where you can place your email capture form

1. Above the fold

Most bloggers quite ingeniously make their optin page the first thing you see when you land on their blog.

The form would be across the page such that you would have no choice but to subscribe or take any other action the blogger has prescribed.

That’s why Melyssa Griffin has got my email address!

See the bulleted options she has outlined on the form.

how to capture leads and emails on your blog

Only when you scroll down, do you actually see that the optin form was only a part of, and not the whole, page!

2. The page header

Some sites prefer to place the capture form at the very beginning or top of the page.

Here every visitor has no choice but to see the capture form. This increases the chances of opt in.

However it may also be a distraction and potential drive-away factor as it keeps showing on every page.

3. Inside the post

A nice position to place your optin form is inside your posts.

As the visitor scrolls, somewhere along the page they come across your opt-in form.

That’s what NicheHacks does.

how to capture leads and emails on your blog

You will want to place the form where it merges normally with the flow of your post. You will also want it to be clearly visible and unmistakable.

4. Bottom of post

Sometimes you may want to target those visitors that have gone all the way to the end of the post.

These are potentially loyal readers.

Chris Lema places his optin form at the end of his blog posts. Here is how it looks

how to capture leads and emails on your blog

Just like the header at the beginning, the footer optin form is unmistakable to those who reach the end of your post.

5. Timed pop up

Some visitors are best left alone and only targeted when they have read a sizeable portion of your post.

This ensures that they are not ruffled or otherwise distracted by an earlier prompt to opt in.

So a timed pop up shows when the visitor has read a predetermined length or taken a predetermined time on your post.

Optinmonster and Thrive Themes do a good job of this.

Here is Optinmonster

how to capture leads and emails on your blog

This timing increases the opt in chances as the visitor would by this time have come to appreciate your post.

6. Exit intent pop-up 

Plugins like optin monster or thrive themes increase email capture chances by creating great, timed pop-up  boxes.

They design pop-ups that increase email capture by stopping abandoning visitors in their tracks.

As a result a lot of websites use pop-ups from Optinmonster and Thrive Themes.

Exit intent pop-ups show when you want to leave or close a page you are on.

Here is ThriveThemes in action

how to capture leads and emails on your blog

Notice the “X” button hidden in the top right corner. And how it merges into the other page colour so that it’s hard to see!

These pop ups are a favourite among bloggers. And for reason too. It is hard to resist a form splashed across the page at the moment you want to exit.

7. Footer of page

You can be sure that the visitors who are captured in footer will be yours to keep!

Ok, maybe not. But the point is that they were very interested to the point of reading everything on your page.

8. On the sidebar

The sidebar is an unmistakable place to have your optin form seen.

This is because most websites have a sidebar showing the important information like recent posts, and the author’s bio,

By default therefore, people have been trained to expect a sidebar. Why not place your optin form here.

Here is an example of a sidebar optin form from X

9. Content upgrades offer in post

Most marketing companies use content upgrades to build their email lists.

Ever been asked “would you rather read this post as a pdf?”

A content upgrade is a free offer within a post. This may be the same post presented in another format : pdf, video, cheatsheet, etc.

Matthew Woodward capitalizes on this method

This method capitalizes on the fact that different people prefer things presented in different formats.

As such, offering a content upgrade is a great way to up your optin rates.

Having gone over where to place your optin form, let’s see how you get visitors to your optin form in the first place.

How To Get Visitors To Your Optin Form

As far as traffic is concerned, there are only 2 ways to get it. Free or paid.

Both of these ways are intended to ultimately capture the email addresses of your visitors.

For an exhaustive list of ways to drive traffic to your site, check out this post on 19+ explosive ways to promote your posts and drive traffic to your blog

Use them and you will be sure to get traffic rolling to your site.

So having promoted your blog and its posts, you should be ready for the visitor when they opt in to your email list.

It’s time for the moolah!

How To Make Money With Email Marketing

As indicated before, email is the No.1 ROI tool for online marketers. And not without reason.

Let’s see the various ways you can make money through email.

 1. Monetize your thank you page

A lot of marketers leave money on the table. Their thank you pages carry no more than the customary “thank you for joining my email list”!

Cant you have better use of the space?

It is well and good to thank your opt in, but it does not need to end there.

Why not throw in a small affiliate  product?

how to capture leads and emails on your blog

It has been shown that people who have just opted in to your list are already in an agreeable mood.

They are trusting and expect good from you. So they are likely to buy from you there and then.

So throw in an affiliate link or video  immediately after the thank you message.

If you are using a double opt in system, you can monetize the confirmation page similarly.  

In the above picture, Robbie Richards has thrown in a video link on the thank you page, which will surely offer a paid product at the end of the funnel!

The trick with monetizing these kind of pages is to use a low priced offer.

This serves to convert the subscriber into an immediate client without asking too much of them.

2. Sell your own product

More and more marketers are learning the importance of having their own product.

Your product is your best knowledge distilled together on a particular subject.

If you feel you have the hidden secrets to a problem or challenge in your niche, make those into a product. And what more qualified prospects to market to, than your very own list?

As mentioned before, people on your list trust you and will prove more apt to buy than people elsewhere.

Your product can be a course, pdf, or even an audiobook.

Having your own product can speedily build your expert authority. You also get to get 100% profits from your sales.

Making your own product involves conducting market research.

This will enable you to gauge the size of your target population as well as tailoring the product to their specific need.

3. Repeat promotions and campaigns

If ever one of your products or campaigns did exceptionally well, well you may just do it all over again!

The fact that it was successful meant that people loved it. So why spare it from them?

Go over all your previous campaigns and pick out the ones which were highly successful. You may even  sweeten the bait by offering discounts. You can be sure to catch them flying in.

3. Segment your list

Segmenting means breaking your list into groups.

The groups are based on studied characteristics. Such traits include age, open rates, buying behaviour, feedback,etc.

This way you can tailor messages and promotions to the different groups according to the pattern indicated by their behaviour.

Segmentation has been reported to significantly impact email ROI as products are matched to the audience.

how to capture leads and emails on your blog

In a study, segmentation campaigns were found to have an email open rate that was 14.31% higher than non-segmented ones.

In addition, the bounce rate on segmented campaigns was 4.65% lower than on non-segmented campaigns.

4. Offer a low priced offer on first encounter

Immediately upon getting a sign up, pitch them an offer.

Or not?

You may think it unwise. But research suggests that people who have bought from you are more likely to buy again in the future.

Because if they could buy from you in the first place, what would prevent them from doing so again in the future?

Nothing. Especially if the first offer was good enough. And they are much more likely to do so than those who have never.

It has been found that after one purchase, a customer has a 27% chance of returning to you.

In addition, a repeat customer has a 60-70% chance of converting.

So you might as well capitalize on that first encounter, and train them to be a customer right away!

The trick is to use a low-priced offer, something not more than $10. The low priced offer is commonly called a tripwire in marketing speak.

5. Offer up-sells and down-sells

When a customer buys or does not buy an offer, there is always something you can do about it.

When they have bought a low-priced product, you offer them a higher-priced product. This is called upselling.

When they have declined an offer, you offer them a lower-priced one with similar features. That is called downselling.

what to sell in your emails

These two practices ride on the psychological principles that people who have bought from you in the past are likely to buy a higher priced product from you in the future, and that people will almost always get the lower-priced of two items with similar features.

Upselling and downselling work best with list segmentation as they are dependent on peculiar buyer characteristics.

6. Recover abandoned cart profits

Some customers just don’t buy on the first encounter with a product.

Issues of trust and unfamiliarity.

Or the internet connection was cut. Or the price was unxpectedly high.

Or any other reason for that matter.

You would have lost such customers for good.

Or not.

You can recover these customers through an autoresponder series designed to trigger specially upon their abandonment of the shopping cart.

Abandoned cart emails are extremely important in cognizance of the fact that  28.3% of all ecommerce revenue comes from successful abandoned cart emails.

It is also an astonishing fact that abandoned cart emails achieve a 4.64% conversion rate. This is in comparison to the average conversion rate of regular emails.

7. Create a Paid Subscription Model for Premium Content

You may have lots of knowledge that you wish to share with a privileged group.

In that case you can create a premium subscription site or blog. Members will pay to access the information.

The subscription model can be monthly, weekly, or one-time.

This is a reliable form of passive income as your only duty is to work hard at the beginning producing the content, and then keep updating it.

And then get paid for it continuously.

how to make money through email marketing

A subscription revenue model makes the most of the ever-growing value of customer relationships.

So as long as you keep giving value and your customers see it, they will keep buying.

Therefore invite people on your list to your premium content and you are immediately stepping into profit zone.

8. Start Coaching

Coaching is a great way to hone your skills and impart knowledge.

As people on your list have already indicated a hunger for your knowledge, it is a good idea to offer one-on-one coaching to them.

As you get feedback from them, it will further build your knowledge, and enable you to help your clientele better.

Coaching builds you up more than anything else as it forces you to dig for the very best value that your customers rightly expect from you.

9. Rent, sell, or swap your email list

If you have a big list, you can rent all or part of it.

You just present a  free offer, which in fact is a lead magnet that will capture their email addresses for someone else.

The only thing you have to ensure is that the lead magnet is in theme with your niche. It has also to offer value to your audience.

Absence of these 2 factors will almost certainly lose you the trust of your list, and may result in high unsubsciption rates.

Swapping an agreed number of emails with a suitable business partner is another way of using your email. As in the renting case, you can agree to exchange lead magnets.

These will increase both your lists for free. A larger, qualified list means more business.

Sites like Udimi thrive off the business of renting email lists. You can register with them either to build or rent your list.

10. Promote webinars to your email list

how to make money through email marketing

Webinars present a big opportunity to make money.

They are broadcast via video, which is itself a popular medium of communication and engagement.

And combined with the fact that people are always itching for something new, webinars are almost always winners.

Because webinars are time-sensitive and need a ready source of traffic, your email list becomes that number 1 source.

Your list is already accustomed to checking, opening, and clicking your emails. So you can be sure webinars are a match with email marketing,

Also, because webinars are free to attend, your audience will be more prone to attend.

When Is The Best Time To Start Email Marketing

Many established marketers advise to start your email campaigns as soon as your blog launches.

This will ensure that you capture every visitor who comes to your site.

If you wait for later, you will regret. As you already know now, your email list is your most important online asset.

So build it from the very start, and you can be sure to start cashing in early on your online dreams!

how to do email marketing
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Wrapping it all up

Email marketing provides for a way to build relationships with the client, nurture them, and monetize your online business effectively.

There are many autoresponder services that you can use to launch your email marketing campaign. The good news is that most of them provide free trials so you can learn on the go.

Capturing email leads is important, so use many tactics to do so on your blog.

When done to provide value, email marketing will yield high returns for your online business.

With this article, I hope you can be the email marketing Shaolin master that you want to be.

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