How To Promote Your Blog Posts And Explode Traffic To Your Site

How to promote your blog

Probably you have already set up your blog. You have written several blog posts , and you are ready to see the traffic roll in!


If you just leave your posts up to the search engines you are leaving a lot on the table. SEO has its own place.

SEO is also unpredictable and everchanging.

But you  need eyeballs on your posts.

How do you make sure your posts are seen by your targeted audience

Ways to promote your posts

The strategies listed below do not appear in any particular order. Pick any best two or three of your choice, be consistent in them, and see the traffic coming.

1. Forum and Community Involvement

Forums are some of the best places to find traffic. Not only traffic, but targeted one for that matter.

The people who come to forums are already in the spirit of either finding or offering help.

Also a large chunk of forums consists of newbies who are vying to make a buck in the affiliate marketing world, and only getting to learn the ropes.  What better place to promote your posts?

But no so fast.

You don’t just pitch up and start splashing your links all over. You will only drive people away from you because they will think you are trying to sell them something.

One paradox of life is that people don’t want to be sold anything, yet they are always actively looking for something to buy.

One other thing: If you don’t abide by the rules, you may also find yourself slapped with a suspension from a forum. So what can you do?

Read the rules and abide by them.

Each forum has categories, and those categories usually have their own specific rules. Make sure you read them.

So how do you promote your posts in forums?

Here are two strategies to do it:

a. Find the right forums for your niche

Just go to google and type “niche + forum” with “niche” substituted by the name of your particular niche.

Many results will come out.

how to promote your blog posts

You can then visit each result separately and decide which forum to join.

Here are some great forums to start with


how to use Quora for traffic

 Quora is  one of the best forums in the space.

Quora allows you to join categories of interest to you. In these categories you get feeds on what queries or questions people have. You can then be able to provide answers to those questions.

The other nice thing about Quora is that you can ask a question and answer it yourself. This gives you a great advantage not seen in other forums.

But hold your horses!

Don’t spend the whole day answering your own questions. You will come across as a spammer to Quora. And, as indicated earlier, they are swift to suspend suspected spammers.

The trick with Quora and other forums is to be helpful and provide real value. Value that you would appreciate yourself were you in the shoes of the readers.

If you got a blog, you can provide great answers from your blog posts. You can provide a summary of the post and at the end link to the post itself.

You also get to submit an author bio. This is where you give out your personal details. Here you can give out your email address, the name of your website, or your affiliate link as long as you are professional about it.

If you have provided a really good answer, you will appear as the first comment in the responses to the question.

By virtue of  this you will be positioned to receive a good amount of traffic to your links.

You can spend quite some time answering niche related questions.

Always seek to be the first to provide an answer.

You can also subscribe (for free!) to receive emails to your inbox.

Here you can see the questions people ask without even logging in to Quora, and then you can determine which questions are worthy of responding to.

Warrior Forum

how to use forums for traffic

Like Quora, Warrior Forum has got many categories that you can choose to join. You can find quality answers if you are a newbie, or you can offer quality tips to those seeking answers.

Warrior Forum also has a marketplace where you can find deals on products in your niche.


how to promote your blog

Founded by Mark Ling, Affilorama is a great meeting place for both amateur and accomplished affiliate marketers.

You will even have the opprtunity to be an affiliate of their products if you so want


how to use reddit for traffic

Reputable for its strict rules and its members’ insistence on quality submissions, Reddit can be both a frustration and a great source of traffic.

It just depends on how you use it.

As in the case of Quora, you search for the relevant categories (called subreddits) and join them.

 Three things you have to be clear of is that:

1.You should not come across as a marketer. Be a participator rather.

2. Post only once in a while in a given reddit.

Don’t be fooled by the popularity and upvotes on your post , and start posting day and night. Redditors wont like that. It will come across as a breach of rule 1.

3. Be active.

Don’t only post and wait for the votes. Comment and rate other people’s posts as well. That way you will be seen as an active, integral member of the forum.

Wealthy Affiliate

how to promote your blog

This is more of a community than a forum.

With Wealthy Affiliate you feel at home the very first day you join.  

It is one of the best places to learn about all the aspects of online or affiliate  marketing, all in one place. Everybody is just eager to connect with you and help in one way or another.

You get video tutorials, bootcamps, and community discussions.

From the day you join, you are guided into planning for your online business. This includes identifying your perfect niche and products to promote. This is done through both text and video modules.

Wealthy Affiliate is full of both experts and new affiliate marketers. Even the owners of Wealthy Affiliate daily offer to help with anything you may have a problem with starting your new site and earning online.

The cream of the dessert is that Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 free domains for you when you join, and they remain free for life.

You have the choice to upgrade your websites to paid subscriptions with time.

They also offer a free keyword research tool, whose fullest potential you can unleash with a paid subscription.

The free tools in Wealthy Affiliate provide the basis for learning how to build a functional website for a total newbie,  how to attract quality and plenty traffic, and make your first buck.

Some of the other great forums and communities worthing checking out are:

The V7 Network 

Affiliate Fix

Yahoo Answers

b. Use the power of technology to promote on forums

Instead of having to manually visit and log in to every forum, you can choose to be notified of relevant conversations to comment on via an app.

This is achievable by using tools which will automatically feed you with up-to-date conversations on keywords you have earlier indicated interest in.

This way you not only get to save time, but you can get ahead of the pack by being the first commenter on most posts.

One of the best tools for this application is Buzzbundle

You set up your campaign by entering target keywords into the tool. In addition you choose whether you would like to receive notifications from forums, social sites, other blogs, or online communities.

Buzzbundle will then monitor and find for you mentions of those keywords in the relevant forums.

how to use buzzbundle for traffic

You then get to interact with those people by just replying to them and providing answers via Buzzbundle.

This helps to save a lot of time than when you have to sieve through the forums, through their individual categories, then through the questions in those categories!

Matthew Woodward, a renowned blogger, used this strategy as a beginner, and ascribes most of his early traffic success to it.

Also, Robbie Richards, a SEO and traffic expert, says that Buzzbundle is his secret traffic weapon

Buzzbundle has a free version that you can start out with to test its wonderful power

2. Google Alerts

how to use google alerts for traffic

 With Google alerts, you receive niche related notifications direct to your inbox.

All you have to do is sign up for an account at and get set up.

You then indicate the keywords you would like to receive notifications on. Then check your inbox daily.

You will receive notifications from anywhere in the web when someone posts a related keyword post.

You can join the conversation by clicking on the link in the message.

It will be to your advantage to comment early so your comment gets seen first. That will draw most attention to you and traffic to your site.

You can also align your google alerts settings to receive notifications on niche-related forum discussions.

To do that just use the following string:

[topic] + site:[] + intitle:(what|when|who|how|where)

The forum name will of course be replaced by your desired forum.

Similarly {topic} will be replaced by your topic of choice.

See the example below

You can go further and set alerts for multiple forums at once. Use this string:

[topic] + site:[] OR site:[] OR site:[] OR intitle:(what|who|when|how|when)

3.Blog commenting

Many think that blog commenting is a useless, outdated practice.

But they couldn’t be wronger (check your dictionary).

When done right, blog commenting can help to:

a. Drive traffic to your blog

Comment on top blogs in your niche, blogs that get a lot of traffic.

And you will get some of that targeted traffic to your blog.

how to do blog commenting effectively

b. Build authority and expert positioning

The more you comment on relevant topics and are helpful and provide value insights, you will come across more and more as an expert.

The key is to provide value and be helpful to those seeking help.

c. Generate backlinks

Just imagine the amount of links you can build back to your site if you comment on just several blogs per day.

You can achieve this by leaving a link on your comments.  Just make sure you leave links where its relevant. And don’t be spammy!

d. Email list building

As people follow the links back to your site, you gain traffic.

That traffic may well make it into your list through some visitors subscribing to your content and free offers.

And more targeted leads on your list spells more revenue.

e. Build relationships

As you appreciate and recognize others for the help they are providing in their articles, you cannot but get reciprocal attention.

This will lead to relationships with other bloggers.  

Relationships mean getting invited for guest posting, round up posts, or receiving a mention and backlink in their posts.

How to Do Blog Commenting Effectively

i. Comment on relevant blogs and topics only

Just because  a site is popular and  has high domain authority doesn’t mean you should comment on its every post.

Seek relevant blogs in your niche.

Moreover, comment on only relevant topics in those blogs

ii. Read first before commenting

Reading gets you in the know.

You can then be helped from commenting out of context.

Reading also means you get to see others’ comments. That brings you into an advantageous position of helping them and then leaving your links.

Besides, reading helps to see things from the perspective of other bloggers.

iii. Mention the author by name

Being called by name is always magical.

Everyone loves it.

So when you use the author’s name you are bound to get noticed and appreciated.

That may draw a response or some positive future reciprocal action from the author.

Besides it brings in a personal element and shows you are human.

iv. Compliment the writer

Appreciate the good work that you have just read.

This action shows that you have learned something of value, and that the author’s post is beneficial.

Be clear as to what you have gained from the post.

Complimenting has the same though deeper charm as mentioning by name.

v. Be respectful

Being respectful is the currency of cordial interaction.

Even if you don’t see things from the perspective of others, its always good to express your point in a manner that does not demean others.

Respect begets respect.

vi. Make a clear point

Whether you agree or disagree with the author on some aspects it’s ok.

What matters is that your point is felt.

Add a unique and useful perspective.

That way you will not only get the author’s attention but will also benefit other readers through your contribution.

A relevant and unique comment can position you as an expert in your niche.

vii. Seek to be the first to comment

Or at least make the top fraction.

The first comments enjoys the most eyeballs.

This means not only the post’s author but also all other readers.

If you do this on a regular basis, all the benefits of blog commenting listed above can be yours.

viii. Add a link

If it’s so allowed.

Add a relevant link or just a link to your home page.

Only see that you don’t comment only for links.

At other times it’s perfectly ok to comment without leaving a link.

That only shows that you are there to interact and exchange value, and not fish for links.

ix. Lastly, compliment again

This cements the appreciation you have for the value you have gained.

It’s also a good parting note.

4. Guest posting

Guest posting is a wonderful way of building both business and relationships.

Here are the strategies to go about it.

a. Search for high authority sites

There are many sites on the web that accept guest posts.

Just do a google search using the following terms: sites that accept guest posts, write for us, guest blogging opportunities.

But don’t just get any site that comes up on the search results.

Look for the ones with a high domain authority.

Those are the ones whose links will matter for your rankings.

how to do guest posting effectively

b. Look for sites that have a high social influence.

These are sites that command a huge following.

Look for niche-specific and relevant pages on facebook or twitter with thousands of followers.

Then identify their blogs from there.

c. Before anything else, it starts off with relationships.

You can also start small by first building relationships with other bloggers of your own league.

Blog commenting is just one way to do this.

And writing a round-up post including top bloggers may well position you to ask for a guest blogging favour in future.

Whatever your choice of these strategies, guest blogging will build your relationships, backlinks, and traffic in the long term.

d. Show what’s in it for them

Write the sites identified above, and ask to write for them.

Of course you will have to show what’s in it for them.

For some sites, it may just mean telling them that you are a regular reader of their blog, that you have benefited a lot from them, that you have written a post that their audience may appreciate, that you  would appreciate if they could check it out, and that you have linked to them in the post.

Depending on the site, you may need to go further than that. You may have to offer monetary or other incentives.

But it’s worth it if the site has high authority and readership

e. Features on Reputable Sites

You can talk directly to the editors of reputable websites.

You would need to have created original and relevant content.

To do this you need to have checked out the content guidelines of the sites first.

When you appear on these sites you can be sure you will gain plenty of visibility as they have a large following.

You not only get traffic but high value backlinks in the process.

5. Social media

Promoting on social media is more about strategy than everything else.

While you will of necessity have to create profiles and share your posts, you must also:

a. Focus on the most relevant social networks


Determine what networks best suit your topic, their audience types, and see which ones to prioritize with your postings.

For example, if you are just starting out you may want to try Pinterest or Twitter to get your wheels running.

Facebook is particularly good for sponsored advertisements.

If you have an established presence online and you are a big B2B company, you can check out Linkedin as it has a more professional side to it.

b. Engage with people on those platforms.

Target influencers and brands on social platforms.

Build relationships by commenting on and sharing their posts.

It will help the growth of their audience as well as yours.

Engaging and asking the right questions is what leads to new and beneficial connections.

c. Participate in social groups 

Every social network has space for groups.

Here is where you can leverage the already existing presence of highly interested and targeted people.

Think of social groups as forums where you can both gain knowledge and provide advice. In the meantime you grow your influence and can get some traffic flowing to your site.

You can join your niche-related groups in Facebook groups, Pinterest groups, LinkedIn groups, and Google+ communities.

To take things further, you can form your own groups in these platforms.

This will however require a lot of effort and time. Nevertheless with dedication, consistency, and strategy it can be done.

You can form these groups and continually invite your followers until the groups have become big enough to replenish themselves.

d. Maintain a regular presence on your chosen social networks

Don’t just turn up when you have a new blog post to share

e. Vary the message in your social media posts to suit each network

how to use social media to promote your blog posts

Each network has its peculiar characteristics.

For example, certain messages do well on Facebook, and certain others on Pinterest.

Tools like Blog2Social and Sendible allow you to tailor your posts per network by using a long or short message, adding relevant hashtags or mentions, and selecting a portrait or landscape image.

 f. Share post several times after publishing

Don’t think its intrusive to send your message to your social network more than once.

The lifespan of posts in the social media stream is quite short. Plus there is competition for eyeballs.

So it’s very possible that a large fraction of your audience would have not seen your message the first time.

You can share your message about 2 or 3 times each day for the first 3 days.

Then pause and share again after a week. Pause once more and share again after 2 weeks.

From here you can drip your message once a month.

During this time you can vary the headlines and images for each message before sending it out.

g. Automate your sharing

Between maintaining your blog and your social profile, and promoting your posts, you have both your hands full.

There can only be 24 hrs in a day.

You can ease the burden by using apps.

Sharing apps will allow you to schedule and queue up your messages.

You can then send them at predetermined times and intervals that are optimal for your social audience.

how to automate blog promotion using Tailwind

Tools like Tailwind, Buffer, Coschedule, Blog2Social,  and Sendible have been created especially for that function.

With Sendible, you can even reply and respond to your audience via social.

6. Promote your successful posts over and over

When your content is hugely successful, it means people like it.

What prevents it from being successful again in the future?

This applies especially to evergreen posts. The message will continue to click with new readers time and time again.

You can take advantage of this fact and keep sharing the post to your social networks.

7. Utilize the principle of reciprocity

There are sites you can join that encourage sharing each other’s content. Let’s see those below.

a. Triberr

how to use Triberr to promote your blog posts

Triberr works by encouraging the formation of groups or tribes around common interests.

You join one or more of these tribes.

At the beginning you will only be able to see and share the content of others.

When the tribe’s admin approves you as a full member, you can then have your content shared by other tribe mates.

Triberr is good in automating the whole process of sharing your own blog’s content to your tribe.

This happens via importation through the RSS feed. So you wont need to lift a finger.

The downside of Triberr is that no obligations exist for sharing.

Therefore sharing others’ content wont necessarily result in getting yours shared.

How do you get around this?Focus on writing quality content. Unique and quality content is by nature irresistible and will get shared.

Triberr also affords you the opportunity to form your own tribes and invite others to join.

b. Viral Content Bee

How to use Viral Content Bee to promote your blog posts

 Similar to Triberr, the principle is reciprocity.

However, the obligation sharing element that is missing in Triberr is present in Viral Content Bee.

When you have shared enough of other people’s content you are then qualified through credits earned, to get yours shared.

Fellow Viral Content Bee members will promote your post to Pinterest, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. This is where the whole virality is centered.

Once, and if, people like your content, there is no stopping its sharing.

c. Pinterest

how to use Tailwind to drive traffic

While Pinterest deserves a special mention alone as a social site, it nevertheless leverages the principle of reciprocal sharing and therefore gets lumped with the others here.

Pinterest is quite a visual platform.

You can create boards based on a particular theme.

On the boards you will pin short messages superimposed over an attractive image. The pin of course is a link back to your blog post.

You can also join group boards,  where pins of similar interest are shared.  

As in the case of Triberr, nobody is obliged to share your content.

However, the more active you are, pin beautiful and quality pins, and share others’ pins, the more your pins will get shared.

Talking of beauty, there are particular pin designs that get liked and shared.

Dimensions also matter for the images you create.

You can create beautiful images for your pins using  free tools such as Canva.

Pinterest has become an increasingly powerful traffic source for most marketers.

This is because statistics indicate that a good percentage of Pinterest traffic comes ready to buy.

To get the most out of Pinterest, you can use the power of automation.

Tools like Tailwind are popular for optimizing the traffic from Pinterest by automating affiliate marketing through scheduled pin shares.

Get the free version of Tailwind here.

8. Repurpose  content and share on alternative media

Different people prefer different formats to get their message.

You can capitalize on this fact and get your message across as well as build your audience.

You only need to convert your existing blog post into another format.

You will then upload these formats to their respective channels and tap into a new audience. That means more traffic!

Below are some of the alternative channels you can turn to.

a. Youtube 

how to use Youtube to promote your blog posts

Youtube ranks as the second most visited site online, after Google.

Beyond that, video as a marketing medium, is expected to account for close to 80% of all online searches by 2020.

That means you gotta jump on that bandwagon while its still gaining momentum.

You can use a valuable but unbelievably cheap tool like Screencast-o-matic to create beautiful videos and upload them to Youtube.

You can market products through youtube using video reviews.

Here is how to create a youtube video:

1.Summarize the main points of your blog post into a slide presentation. You can use Powerpoint for this.

2. Read aloud the bulleted points whilst recording yourself on audio

3.Record yourself performing the actions, on screen, using Screencast-o-matic

4.Add the audio version you recorded earlier, to the screencast video. Your video is ready

5. Make editions, add effects, and upload to youtube

You then add a description below your video.

Here is where you get to make the most of your keywords. Without spamming, of course.

Then insert a link back to your blog or affiliate product.

You can also add several links, some calling for subscription to your social media accounts.

Do you see how many stones you are hurling at one bird?

You also get to add a link in the video itself via a call to action message on the screen.

This is achievable through cards that are superimposed over the video.

b. Podcast 

how to use podcasts to promote your blog posts

Some people just like listening to someone explain something.

This is where audio and podcast come in.

If you have your bulleted action slides (see the youtube strategy above), you can record yourself reading through the points.

That will be your audio!

Or you can get the audio-only version of your youtube video and embed it on your post.

Either way you can create accounts on iTunes, Miro, or BluBrry where you can then upload your podcasts.

LibSyn is one great podcast hosting service that you can use.

c. Slide presentation

Remember those slides created above. You can add a few effects and pictures, and upload to Slideshare.

Anna Hoffman of Traffic Generation documents a case study in which she had tremendous traffic success sharing her slides on Slideshare

d. E-books

This is one of the most lucrative things to do. An ebook gets shared around the net with your affiliate links intact.

You get traffic and cash flow for years and years.

An ebook is also a great lead magnet to build your email list.

You can select some blog posts of yours around a given theme, and convert these into a PDF.

Then watch out for those subscribers!

10. Share new posts with your list

By now you know that your list is your most prized possession.

 If people have appreciated your blog to the extent of subscribing, why not treat them as VP?

You can share all your new posts with your list.

That will keep them up to date with industry trends and continue building your relationship.

You can even resurrect your old but treasured posts with your list.

Your list is your only traffic on demand. Sharing with them can spawn a chain of sharing to new, potential subscribers.

If you got plenty of posts on your blog that you don’t know what to do with, your list is the answer.

I’ve seen top bloggers share more than two posts at once in an email.

And, as the recipient, I’ve voraciously laid my hands on them!

11. Do proper keyword research and base your posts on them

how to do keyword research using the KWFinder

Keyword research is one of the cornerstones of SEO.

If all your posts are based on properly researched keywords, they will bring you traffic sooner or later.

Doing keyword research means your posts are answering existing queries, rather than anticipating unverified ones. That means they will be targeted.

The key is to have topical authority, meaning that you cover a topic as much as possible.

In that way you will not only rank for that particular keyword, but for other related ones as well.

You will also become the go-to source on that topic.

In short, proper keyword research includes the following:

a. Brainstorm your topics.

Jot down several questions that you think you niche audience would like answers on

b. Determine the relevance and potential of your keywords

Use a keyword tool like KWFinder or Longtail Pro to find the proper, long-tailed phrases to target in your posts, the domain authorities of the sites you are competing against, the competitiveness or difficulty of the keyword, and your overall potential in ranking for the keyword.

how to do keyword researchusing the KWFinder

c. Pick keywords with the highest potential and base your posts on them

Write blog posts based on the most potent keywords you have chosen.

how to do keyword research using Ubersuggest

Ensure that your posts satisfy user intent, and cover all relevant aspects of the subject.

Research similar posts by your competitors, pick the important points, and close the gaps that your competitors have not covered.

12. SEO

Follow all the ethical practices that will optimize your posts and site to the search engines

  Quick tips to implement right away:

 a. Image optimization

Ensure your image gets crawled by the search spiders.

Go to the image alt attribute.

Replace the image name or number with keywords that resemble what your photo is about.

This way you can rank for image search., and your post can be found by people searching for that topic.

Also, choose and save your photo to the gallery in the right dimensions  that fit your blog.

Lastly, compress your image to reduce its size, and in turn speed up your site.

Use a plugin like Smush to determine the proper dimensions and reduce image size.

b. Optimize your Meta Title

Ensure your search engine result title (meta title) carries the theme of your keyword as much as possible.

This increases the clickthrough rate on your SERP (search engine result page) listing as searchers find what matches their query on it.

In the example below, see how Optimonster have optimized their meta title to increase clickthrough rate.

Use a plugin like Yoast to help with optimizing your meta title.

how to optimize the meta title and meta description

c. Optimize The  Meta description

The meta description appears on the SERP, immediately below the meta title.

You choose the words that go into it. Make the description relevant and enticing enough to the searcher.

The Yoast SEO plugin is also handy in this regard, and helps you pick the right number of words.  

In the picture above, Affilorama have optimized their meta description by giving an enticing description of what their article contains in relation to how to do affiliate marketing.

d. Use heading tags appropriately

Ascertain that your post title and paragraph headings and subheadings are recognized as such by the search engines.

To do this, indicate the tag that should go with each heading.

The tags descend in order of weight from H1 to H6. The post title carries the H1 tag, paragraphs the H2, and subheadings H3, and so on.

When properly done this signals proper hierarchy and structure in your post to the search spiders.

The heading tags can be selected and implemented directly on the theme editor as in the following example

how to use heading tags in a post

Proper usage of heading tags will also help your post rank for targeted keywords.

To optimize for this effect, base your headings and subheadings on keywords that your post is targeting

e. Add multimedia

Posts with more diverse multimedia (pictures, screenshots, video, infographics) are appreciated more by readers than those without.

This factor increases dwell time and user experience,  which are crucial factors in the eyes of the search engines.

This is because more dwell time on your page or site is an indication that your content is full of value to the reader.

f. Mobile friendliness

Make sure your site is accessible by mobile devices.

This is because the number of mobile users now exceeds that of desktop users.

For this reason mobile users have a special place in the heart of Google.

Several ways to increase mobile friendliness include:

Using a fast host so your site loads fast, using a cache plugin, and uing a CDN to serve content faster.

g. Implement a link building strategy

To enhance the authority of your site in the eyes of the search engines, embark upon a white-hat link building mission.

Tactics include  guest posting on authoritative and reputable sites, round -up posts with several influencers, and ramping up your social media campaigns.

Links from authoritative sites and influential figures will scale up your domain authority, rev up your SEO, and bring you more traffic.

h. Optimize page loading

Fast loading means a rewarding user experience.

Slow loading on the other hand means visitors have to wait for content on your site to load. This will increase abandonment of your site, and consequently the bounce rate, a factor frowned upon by the search engines.

To curb this, use among other things, plugins like the W3 Total cache to enable fast loading.

Also use a fast host for your site, a CDN (content distribution network), and minimize the number of plugins used on your site.

See my extensive post on SEO here.

13. Paid advertising

how to use paid advertizing to promote blog posts

There are numerous places on the net where you can place your adverts to draw readers and subscribers.

Most of those places include social sites.

The reason is simple: social sites are frequented by a huge population.

Social sites are also good because the adverts are not intrusive, as they appear randomly in the readers’ feed.

Some of these sites are great for good traffic that won’t punch too many holes in your pocket.

Each of the sites has a different format and demographics for advertizing.

Besides the popular like Facebook, here are a few sites you may want to consider for paid advertising.

LinkedIn, Outbrain, Stumbleupon, Quu Promote, Taboola, Reddit, and Quora.

When choosing the right platform for advertizing, the factors to consider are:

i. The best social network for your advert

Will you advert be better placed and bring highest returns on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or any other social platform?

The type of your business as well as the demographics of your target market matter a lot here.

ii. The best advert format.

Would it be optimal to have the advert in video, image, or text format?

iii. Your budget and the associated costs of each network

Some networks, like Facebook, are more expensive compared to sites like Stumbleupon, or Reddit.

Your budget therefore may require that you advertize on these lesser known but highly trafficked sites.

14. Search advertising

how to use  paid search to promote your blog posts

You can choose to place your advert in the result pages of the search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, and so on.

This is done through what is called Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

That means that for every person that clicks on your advert, you pay the search engine a certain amount.

The amount you pay will rise in proportion to the competition for the keywords you are targeting in your advert.

PPC results are usually denoted by an “Ad” sign adjacent to the search result. They appear at the top of the organic search results.

Paid search works well with email marketing where you ensure that you capture the email addresses of the visitors to your link.

This will optimize your list building process.

Paid search involves competition for target keywords, and its cost will rise wih the dollar value of keywords.

15. Reach Out To Influencers

Influencers are a great way to get your content and company infront of many eyeballs.

Here are several ways through which you can leverage the power of influencers.

a. Create infographics and share with influencers  

Infographics are liked and shared more than any other content type.

And compared to just content blogging, infographics are not as widespread.

The challenge is that it takes creativity, research, and hardwork to create an infographic. Or money to outsource its creation.

You can plug into this hole and grow your blog rapidly through this channel.

You can find out popular topics that would be simplified by the use of pictures. Create infographics based on these topics.

Then find influencers who can help you share the infographics.

Getting the help of influencers  means letting them know what’s in it for them. So you must know how to make the correct pitch. It must be seen to be a mutually beneficial endeavour.

Influencers have large followings who are sold on what the influencers do and say.

When the influencers share your infographics with their followers you can be sure to get a lot of reshares going.

You will also get quality backlinks as well as a  lot of subscribers.

b. Link to influencers in your posts

You can write an awesome post. In the post you will of course cite several bloggers, among which will be a few influencers.

Let these influencers know that you have mentioned and linked to them. This may be by way of a case study of theirs, a valuable post of theirs, or a cutting edge method they discovered.

To sweeten the bait, let the influencers know how much you value their work and their contribution to the world.

If your post is a quality one, they will readily share it with their audiences.

c. Ask for contributions to a round-up post

If you have been building relationships (via for example guest posting, and blog commenting), you can ask those bloggers or influencers for a round-up post.

Each one of them will submit on their best way of doing a blogging task.

For example, you can ask them to answer any of the following questions: to share the challenges and triumphs in starting the blogging journey, their best traffic method, what they would do if they were to start all over again from scratch, get the idea?

You can ask several bloggers for this. Five or eight is a good number.

The secret is to invite top bloggers or influencers so that you are assured of not just numbers, but both real life experience and quality in your post.

16. Invite the search engines to your newly published content 

how to let the search engines know of your new content

You don’t have to wait months, as believed by many, to get your posts indexed by the search engines.

You can do this faster. One way is to use a plugin that generates a sitemap.

In this way the search engines find it easier to crawl and index your posts. One good plugin for this task is the Google XML Sitemap.

Another way is to notify the search engines through Ping-O-Matic. Just submit the link of your post and select the search engines you want Ping-O-Matic to alert.

Your new content will be indexed in a short period of time.

17. Display related articles at the end of your blog posts.

Why not make the most of the readers who have found your content worthwhile?

Give them as much as possible!

If a reader has enjoyed the post they are on, they will naturally want to get more fireworks.

You can meet them halfway by using a plugin that will display related posts at the end of every post.

You can use thumbnails to display the posts and hook the curiosity of your readers, or just plain text if you so wish.

Several plugins exist for this job.

X is one good plugin suitable for this. Just install and activate it, and the rest will be taken care of.

18. Leverage the power of content syndication.

Syndication refers to the act of republishing your existing posts on third party sites.

Syndication lets you leverage the same content multiple times by multiplying your promotion platforms.

As with every worthwhile post, the unspoken requirement with content syndication is that you write valuable and quality articles. You want articles that readers will truly appreciate.

Submitting your content for syndication on reputable sites involves first asking for that favour from the editors of those publications.

As generally the publications would be sold out if you have a track record to show, you can prepare your way and make being accepted for republication much easier.

Guest posting is a good way to build that track record.

Build relationship with top bloggers, and ask for guest posting on their sites. Then later on you can have something to show when you are asking for syndication on third party sites.

As sites that syndicate content have a large readership, you can gain plenty of traffic if your post gets feature on them.

Here are several sites that are open to content syndication:


Linkedin Publisher








19. Revamp your old blog posts

If you post has done well in the past, it can do better now!

You just need to add a few tweaks here and there. Here are some ideas to revamp your old posts

a. Add multimedia to your posts 

Maybe your post is all text and no fun.

Readers need appealing objects to stay engaged.

Add pictures, screenshots, videos, audios, and memes

b. Add new information

Its just the nature of some things to change over time.

Maybe a traffic method you once recommended is no longer effective. Maybe some stats have changed regrading a certain statement. Or technology has made strides that are worth mentioning.

Capture the new trends in your niche and include them in the post. This will bring your post up top date with the present.

c. Revisit your keywords.

It may be that you targeted entirely wrong keywords. Or worse yet, you did not target any keywords at all!

Use keyword tools to help you see what keyword to target.

Also, use the Google “people also searched for” terms, or the LSI graph, to discover related or similar search terms.

Then include those in your post to give it the right context.

d. Research similar posts by your competition.

Your competition may be your best asset. Seriously.

They help you with ideas you haven’t thought of.

Just search for the best 5 or 10 posts on your topic.

Note the most important points and include them in your post.

Cover the gaps they have not discussed, include statistics, add pictures, and you will have a bombshell on your hands.

20. Give away free e-books and tutorials

how to promote your blog posts using free ebooks

Do you know that one of the things to build your email list is a free pdf?

People just like free stuff, and e-books and how-to guides are the perfect match.

Your guides and books will have your affiliate links and will keep on generating subscribers (and money) in the long term.

Just group together your most valuable posts on a topic, and make them into a pdf or tutorial.

There are many sites where you can upload your free e-books for people to download.

Here are some popular tutorial and/or e-book sharing sites:

Addicted to Ebooks 

Author Marketing Club

Digital Book Today  


how to get and increase blog traffic

In Wrapping Up

how to promote your blog posts

Follow up your post publishing and SEO with consistent promotion of your posts.

SEO, while important and indispensable, should not be the only way to get organic traffic.

Follow the strategies in this post to promote your post and see the difference it will make to your site’s traffic.

For best results, master two or three strategies, then as you progress add more.

Let’s talk below.

What strategies do you use to promote your blog posts?


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