How To Explode Your Blog Traffic Through Pinterest Boards and Tailwind Tribes

how to drive traffic through pinterest group boards and tailwind tries

Pinterest group boards and Tailwind tribes are a powerhouse that can literally skyrocket your Pinterest and blog traffic.

Many bloggers report a hike in their traffic stats after employing group board and tailwind tribe strategies.

Those strategies are what we will be looking at in this article.

how to find join and use pinterest group boards and tailwind tribes

Why Pinterest Group Boards and Tailwind Tribes

The primary aim of promoting posts through Pinterest is to get referral traffic back to blogs, and to make affiliate sales.

Group boards and Tailwind tribes amplify that aim.

Group boards and Tailwind tribes can all be perceived as associations or collaborations around a common interest.

By reading each other’s posts, you become each other’s audience.

And by sharing each other’s pins you increase exposure to each other’s followers, and thereby increase each other’s followership and traffic.

What is the Difference Between Group  Boards and Tribes?

The first major difference is that group boards are found only on Pinterest whereas tribes are found only on Tailwind.

Group boards are more difficult to join than Tailwind tribes.

As an example, if you apply to join ten group boards, most likely you will get only 2 or 3 positive responses and never hear from the rest.

The third difference is that group boards are less governable than Tailwind tribes. As such they are less effective.

The second and third differences probably arise from the same factor:  group boards are less strictly moderated than tribes.  

This may be because most groups fill up fast. Therefore the moderators lose touch or lack the will to keep up with what is being posted by everyone.

As a result, irrelevant pins are often posted to the board.

Also, not all members abide by the group’s rule of sharing a fellow group member’s pin for each pin they pin to the board.

In consequence, the more the members a board acquires, the less efficacy it retains.

In contrast to group boards, Tribes have more strict moderation. Whenever someone pins to the Tribe, they have to repin another member’s pin.

Like in this example

how to find and join tailwind tribes

Also moderators make sure only relevant pins are allowed on the board.

So if you pin to a tribe, you have higher chances of your pin being shared by other tribe mates.

How to Create Board Lists

Instead of pinning to a single group board at a time, you can pin to tens of group boards all at once.

This is achievable through bringing group boards of common purpose and interest into a board list.

A board list can contain as many group boards as you want.

That is, as long as you belong to those group boards in the first place.

In case you don’t know a thing about group boards, here is how to find and join them.

1. Go to Pinterest

2. Click on the drop down arrow and select Boards.

Then enter niche keywords in the search bar, and start searching.

how to find and join group boards

3. Look for boards with the pie shape at their left bottom corner.

Those are group boards. Boards without those signs are just individual boards and cant be joined.

4. To join agroup board, press the Request to join button at the top right of the board description.

If there is no Request to Join button, then read and follow the full instructions on each board and then apply to join.

In either case, follow the board and the board owner first.

Simple tip: The board owner is the first member that you see when you press on the three circles next to the “Request to Join” button.

Join as many groups as possible since you will be rejected by some.

3/2 x is a good estimate of the number of requests you need to make, where x is the ideal number of group boards you want to eventually belong.

For example, if I want to eventually belong to 50 group boards, I would need to apply to 3/2 x 50 = 75 group boards.

How To Choose The Right Pinterest Group Boards

Here are a few good points to remember about choosing the right group board:

1. Choose a group board relevant to your topic. This one goes without saying.

For example, if I want a group board on Vegan recipes, I should not apply to a group board on money making.

Otherwise the pins I am gonna post there will be totally misplaced.

1. Go for a group board with fewer group members than one with more.

For example, a group board with 95 members would be better than one with 200 members.

The first one is expected to be more active and therefore may present more chance for resharing of your pins by others.    

2. Go for group boards with a higher number of followers than the number of pins.

how to find the right pinterest group boards

This would be a good indication that the members are repinning more than pinning.

Being done now with finding group boards, let’s go on to creating board lists

Here are the steps to create a board list

1. Open Tailwind.

If you don’t yet have Tailwind, get the free version here.

how to use tailwind for pinterest scheduling

 2. On the left hand section of the interface, click Publisher, then on Board Lists

On the window that opens, you will see a box  with a “+” sign in the middle.

Click on the box

how to add group boards to a tailwind board list

3. Name your new board list by editing the “New Board List” text

4. Search for, and start adding relevant group boards you belong to

how to create a board list on tailwind

5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to create as many board lists as you want

That’s it.

How to Schedule Pins to Board Lists Through Tailwind

Scheduling pins to board lists is pretty much the same as scheduling them to individual group boards.

The only difference is you have to avoid creating signals of spam to Pinterest.

Like hitting multiple boards with the same pin all at once. Or hitting the same board with multiple pins at one go.

Also group boards have different rules.

For some you pin once a day, some you pin more than once per day, and some require you to pin one pin to your personal boards from the group board.

how to schedule pins to group boards

So to stay on the safe side of both Pinterest and group board managers, I suggest you pin once a day to each of the group boards in that board list.

Also, to avoid spamming all boards with the same pin on one day, you will have single, different pins each going to a different, separate board, all on the same day!

This happens by using a trick called staggering.

I’ve found that if you have 7 group boards, or 6, 5 or whatever number, the pins also have to be the same number.

In other words, the number of boards on your board list dictates the number of pins to the board list per day.

The number of days for the pins to have all gone out will also be dependent on, and equal to the number of boards you have.

For example, if you have 7 group boards making up your board list, the formula for scheduling to  the 7 boards will be: 7 pins x 7 boards x 7 days.

That means 7 different pins will go out to 7 different group boards in a period of 7 days.

The formula for 30 boards will be: 30 pins x 30 group boards x 30 days.

You get it?

Whatever you forget, even if you forget everything else, just don’t forget this formula!

So let’s get onto scheduling our pins, shall we?

So on Day 1:  Pin 1 will go out to Board 1

Pin 2 will go out to Board 2

Pin 3 will go out to Board 3

……You get the swing?

Here is more:

On Day 2: Pin 1 will go out to Board 2

Pin 2 will go out to Board 3

Pin 3 will go out to Board 4

….………And so on until every board on the list has received each pin by Day 7

One important thing to note: We are adding the pins to the Tailwind schedule one by one.

So for each pin, we tell Tailwind the sequential order of the boards or the way that we want the pin to go out to the boards

So for a pictorial representation of what we just discussed:

how to drive traffic through tailwind tribes and group board lists

So our only task is to select the pin, add the group boards in the order that the pin will go out.

So how do I make sure my boards are ordered In the way that I want my pin to go out?

The strategy to do this is to create different board lists from the same boards!

What does that mean?

Let’s take an example:

If I have 7 boards, I will create 7 board lists from these boards so that 7 pins can go out to these boards in 7 days without coinciding on any day.

So for loading Pin 1 to the board list, the procedure will be pretty simple: Just arrange the boards from 1 to 7, or whatever the last board number, in this way : Board 1, Board 2…..Board 7. This will be board list 1.

For Pin 2, the board arrangement will be: Board 2 , Board 3….Board 7, Board 1 (Last).

To effect this arrangement, just create the first board list with all your groups arranged from 1 to 7. This is the board list to which you will post pin 1. Let’s say it’s called Blogging and Marketing 1.

For Pin 2, create another board list called Blogging and Marketing 2, such that the first board on the list is group board 2.

Do the same for creating the rest of the group boards, each time starting the list with the next number.

Eventually the arrangement of your 7 board lists (BL) will look like this:

how to create staggering board lists in tailwind

What’s left now is to tell Tailwind the interval at which a pin can go between 2 different boards.

Since many group boards allow you to pin only once per day, the safe interval for a pin to go  between 2 different boards is 1 day.

So how do you tell Tailwind to pin at an interval of 1 day between the boards?

After you have loaded the boards in the preferred order for Pin 1, click “Set Interval” at the bottom of the pin, then select “1 day”.

how set intervals for tailwind scheduling

Repeat this procedure for all the pins, then click “Schedule all”

That’s all

 Simple isn’t it?

Important Tip: Since we will be having 7 pins going out each day, we need to have 7 or more different time slots each day on our Tailwind schedule.

So before implementing this strategy, create time slots on your schedule according to your daily pinning rate.

 For example, if I have 30 boards, I will have 30 pins going out each day, and therefore I will need to create 30 or more time slots per day on my Tailwind schedule!

How To Use Tribes To Drive Traffic

Promoting pins through tribes starts with joining the right tribes. As with group boards, you have to find tribes that are highly suited to your niche and pins.

So how do you find the right tribes?

1. Use the search bar in Tailwind and type in niche keywords according to the kind of tribe you want to join

2. Look for relevant tribes with high repin and virality scores

Scores of more than 1 mean for these factors indicate that your pins have a high chance of being shared more than once.

So the higher the virality score above 1 the better.

3. Read the tribes rules

Most tribes will want you to repin a fellow tribe member’s pin  each time in return for pinning yours.

tribe rules in tailwind

Make sure you adhere to this and other rules as you may be ejected out of the group for failure to abide.

4. After joining tribes, select the pin that you want to add to a particular tribe

5. Click on the “Add to tribes” button near the bottom of the pin

how to add a pin to a tailwind tribe

B. Select the tribe you want the pin to go to

C. Click  “Add to tribes”

D. Repeat for the total number of pins (5) allowed for each tribe

That’s all.

How To Prioritize Which Pins To Add To Tribes

You have to prioritize the pins you want to be promoted so as to fit the allowed number of pins (30) allowed to your tribes monthly.

In other words you want to choose the best pins as the maximum number of pins you can post in a month with the Basic Tailwind package is only  30.

Of course Tailwind, realizing the power of tribes, has other packages that include posting to more Tribes and, of course posting more than 30 pins.

how to drive traffic through tailwind tribes

With the Unlimited package, you can unleash full traffic power by pinning to unlimited tribes in a month.

You can always upgrade to higher Tribe packages just from within your existing Tailwind  package.

Enough with Tailwind Tribe packages.

Let’s talk about some of the criteria you can use for prioritizing the pins you schedule to Tribes.

Criteria For Selecting Pins To Share To Tailwind Tribes

1. List building

Email marketing is always a cornerstone of any online marketing campaign.

Because the money is in the list, you will want to prioritize those pins which are dedicated to promoting your optin offers.

This will ensure that you start promoting products to a growing list  and increasingly profit from your efforts.

2. Affiliate promotions

Business does not sleep.

So if you are affiliated to any companies that allow their products to be promoted on Pinterest, create pins for those offers.

Tribes have arguably a wider and more targeted reach than group boards. So select your promotional pins and add them to your schedule.

3. Popularity

It is recognized that the more a pin has a good number of repins or reshares, the more it is likely to be reshared and repinned in Tribes.


Because Tribers usually want to repin share-worthy content. So if your pin comes with any sign of previous repinning success, it will be easy for Tribers to share it.

So it is good to share to Tribes only pins that have experienced some love or virality before as that will enhance their chances of being shared or repinned.

4. New pins

While this may break priority rule 3, it’s a worthy exception to that rule.

You will want to give some wings to new pins so they take off as fast as possible. In that regard, tribes are the best way to give them the wide circulation needed.

Ready to start exploding traffic to your site? Grab Tailwind and schedule 100 pins for free here

how to drive traffic through group boards and tailwind tribes

Wrapping Up

Pinterest group boards and tailwind tribes can totally explode your Pinterest and blog traffic if used strategically.

Use the strategies in this article to rev up your Pinterest traffic and drive referral tarffic to your blog.

Tell me what you think below.

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