9 Powerful Traffic Reasons Why You Should Join Pinterest Immediately

why you need to join Pinterest

Why should you join Pinterest?.

You have heard it from all quarters. Everybody seems to be riding the Pinterest wave.

But if you have never been on Pinterest before, the question you ask is: why should I join Pinterest? Is Pinterest worth the talk?

Can i get substantial traffic from Pinterest?

But before that….

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is best described as a discovery site.

It is a site where people list their interests and business offers in a visual way, and where those interests can then be discovered by others who have similar interests.

Why You Should Get On Pinterest Right Away

Here are some reasons why getting on Pinterest is a must for anyone who wants both traffic and money.

1. Pinterest drives about 90% of traffic for websites that use it

This is an amazing statistic if you consider it.

 I’ve read countless articles on Pinterest, and without fail, the 75-90% traffic statistic keeps coming up. Not from reporters or researchers, but from website owners themselves!

Like this one

how much traffic can i get from Pinterest

This basically means that Pinterest is a reliable traffic source that is the mainstay of most businesses. Without fail, Pinterest brings traffic to sites that use it.

Here is another testimonial

how much traffic can i get from Pinterest

I don’t want to think of what would happen if something should take away Pinterest!

But for now, Pinterest is here. Better make use of it

Need more proof why?

amount of traffic from pinterest

2. More than 70% of the people on Pinterest in the US are women

That’s according to Statista.

Other studies found that seven out of ten Pinterest users are women.

Moreover, men have been found to account for only 8% of pins, meaning the 92% rest goes to women!

What is the proportion of men on Pinterest

It’s not any kind of traffic that is useful. Traffic is good only as it is targeted and therefore likely to buy.

And that is the case with Pinterest traffic. Most of the pinners in Pinterest are women.

Maybe because the platform is so visual and made up of beautiful images?


The point is that most of the people discovering your pins (and offers) will be women.

What is the one psychological factor about women that make them good, buyer traffic?

Women are more emotionally led than men. They are therefore more prone to buy as compared to men.

Also, because women make 80% of the buying decisions in American households.

3. Pinterest is the second most popular mobile social networking app in the US, after Tiktok. (Statista, 2019)

 The same study also found that Pinterest users spend an average of 5.29 minutes per mobile app session.

That time is more than the time spent on other social mobile apps.

how popular is Pinterest?

According to the graph, the other social apps lag behind as follows:

Facebook (4.96 minutes)

Twitter (3.39 minutes)

Instagram (3.07 minutes)

Snapchat (1.85 minutes)

These statistics have great implication for the mobile shopping arena.

4. 90 percent of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions (Hootsuite, 2019)

This means that when people visit the platform they are already inclined to buy.

Combine that with the fact that 55% of Pinterest users are looking specifically for products.

They just need some advice and little push, if you will.

That paints great potential for affiliate marketing.

5. Pinterest drives more shopping traffic than almost all social

According to a study by Pinterest themselves, Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic to shopping sites than Facebook, and 200% more than Twitter.

how much shopping and referral traffic does Pinterest drive

That’s how hot the buyer traffic is from Pinterest.

Meaning more prospect of success for your marketing efforts on the platform.

6. Pinterest is free to join

Pinterest is totally free to join.

Just like Facebook and Twitter. And all other social sites.

So you have no upfront costs in using Pinterest.

And you know what?

The pins that you post on Pinterest are also asolutely free to create. Using Canva you can make use great templates, creative fonts, and colours, to make beautiful pins and lure your audience.

Related: How To Create Crazy Beautiful Pins For Pinterest

And if by any chance you didn’t know, pins are the secret recipe of Pinterest traffic.

Canva is a free to join online platform that provides the tools for you to create great pins.

how to use canva to design pinterest images

From ready made templates, to text boxes, and overlay elements, their features will get you up and running creating pins in no time.

Once you have created your pins on Canva, you can then upload them to Pinterest.

The pins will populate your page, get seen by your followers, and be suggested to searchers who use keywords you used to describe the pins.

7. Ranking on Pinterest is less competitive than on Google and other search engines

If you have done any amount of SEO on Google, you will know that it can take ages (months) to even approach page 2 or 3, let alone page 1.

This is because there is stiff competition for keywords in the search engines.

When you bring into the equation factors like domain authority, page authority, mobile friendliness, page speed, and other user experience factors, you will understand why ranking in the search engines can be such a headache.

how to do SEO

You are basically going against the big guns, websites that are already established and better positioned to rank for certain types of keywords.

Not forgetting that you will have to invest in paid tools to do keyword research for the right  long tail keywords to even have the slightest chance of ranking.

On the other hand, for Pinterest it takes a relatively short period to rank.

 If you can create beautiful pins, use the proper keywords in their description, and employ the proper tools and methods to bring them before the right audience, you can hit gold pretty fast.

You don’t need a paid keyword tool for Pinterest.

The only tool you will need is for the promotion of your pins, and that is also optional, depending on the time availability you have, and your own preferences.

So Pinterest can be pretty much anybody’s game.

Also on Pinterest’s search page, the results are not broken by pages.

So searchers can scroll down as far as they wish, meaning more of your pins are exposed to them.

Ready for Pinterest? Get my free course on Pinterest here. It’s called The Ultimate Pinterest Blueprint: From Rookie to Pinterest Money Maker

8. Pinterest can be automated and therefore used to drive traffic on autopilot

Pinterest marketing can be a set and forget kind of thing, if you so wish.

You can create pins and arrange for their promotion to your audience for a whole month. Without you lifting a single finger.

It’s pretty like loading your blog posts up into a machine which makes sure that your audience sees them even when you are not actively promoting those posts!

What more can you wish for?

If you have never heard of Tailwind before, this is the time.

 And if you have heard of it, but never used it, this is the time.

There is no feeling better than knowing that your posts are constantly being seen by your desired audience even when you are not doing anything to that effect.

All this is possible with Tailwind.

Get a free taste of Tailwind here.

With Tailwind, you can select your best performing pins or your affiliate pins, and schedule them to be seen by your audience on particular days at a predetermined optimal time.

how to add suggested time slots in tailwind

In addition, Pinterest and Tailwind provide for joining group boards and tribes.

These are associations around similar interests where you can post your pins.

People in group boards and tribes are already a targeted source of traffic as their membership is an indication on its own that they are interested in that subject matter.

why pinterest is used and why it is great for business marketing

In Tailwind, you can even bring together similar groups and consolidate them into a board list.

This means that instead of going to one group, your pins will go to the whole group of boards in that list.

Meaning that if you have hundred groups in one board list, your pin will go out to hundred boards all at once!

And you only need to dedicate an hour or so to scheduling your pins for an entire week, two weeks, or one month in advance, depending on your preference.

Taste the power of Tailwind here for free

9. Virtually relatively lesser known and therefore underused by most online businesses. More advantage to you

Most websites or blogs don’t use Pinterest, let alone know of its power to drive traffic.

That means Pinterest is a sleeping behemoth, waiting to be discovered.

That also means less competition for you.

why join pinterest

Less competition to rank, and less competition for traffic.

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Wrapping Up

Pinterest is the secret traffic source for many blogs and businesses.

Because of the relatively low competition to rank, and because of its ability to drive huge amounts of buyer traffic to your site, it’s well worth it to join Pinterest, set up an account on Pinterest, and start driving massive traffic.

Are you on Pinterest?

What has been your traffic experience with the platform?

Let’s talk below


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